Global Sustainable Aquaculture Technology Landscape (May 2021)

The global sustainable aquaculture technology landscape groups various companies in sustainable aquaculture-related industries on a worldwide sphere based on the business nature divided into five main categories as follows:

  • Health & Genetics
  • Ingredients & Nutrition
  • Supply Chain
  • Farm Software, Equipment & Machinery; and
  • Alternative Seafood

This technology landscape is created to help businesses, companies, and individuals engaged or interested in the sustainable aquaculture field to keep themselves updated with the constantly developing data about sustainable aquaculture entities on a global sphere. This data could then be used later to create a business strategy and predict the future of the sustainable aquaculture industry.

Sustainability is considered by many as one of the most important sources of both opportunities and risks for businesses. Aquaculture is projected to be the prime source of seafood by 2030, as demand grows from the global middle class and wild capture fisheries approach their maximum take. In alignment with the concept of sustainability, when practiced responsibly, fish farming can help provide livelihoods and feed an increasing global population.

According to data taken from The World Bank, for an aquaculture system to be truly sustainable, it must have three main sustainability areas:

  • Environmental sustainability means that aquaculture should not create significant disruption to the ecosystem or cause biodiversity loss or substantial pollution impact.
  • Economic sustainability means that aquaculture must be a viable business with good long-term prospects.
  • Social and community sustainability means that aquaculture must be socially responsible and contribute to community well-being.

Sustainable aquaculture itself is a dynamic concept, and the sustainability of an aquaculture system will vary with species, location, the state of knowledge and technology, and even some societal norms. Therefore, hand-in-hand collaboration is highly critical among individuals, businesses, and organizations working in aquaculture.

As more and more aquaculture companies and organizations start to put sustainability as part of their primary business strategies and concepts and the landscape develops, the aim is to let users search and view companies and organizations listed and contribute to adding and reviewing new updates.

We also include a more comprehensive detail, such as the company profiles that can be downloaded here.

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The infographic was last updated on May 2021.

Infographic Sustainable Aquaculture Landscape Technology

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