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ShrimpBlock is a smart community platform developed based on big data and artificial intelligence technology and applied to the shrimp farming industry.

The aim of this community is to provide intelligent fisheries production and make the world a better place through healthier, more ecological, and tastier shrimp products.

As a project milestone, we began to share access to information about knowledge related to the shrimp farming industry on the community platform. We are grateful to see positive responses and enthusiasm from members and will continue to contribute to the community with various empowerment initiatives.

Because technology makes aquaculture better!


Focus on the needs of aquaculture farmers, provide competitive products and platforms, let users get better technology, and continue to create maximum value for customers.


Realize the real intelligent aquaculture production and provide the world with healthier, more ecological and more delicious aquaculture products.

A Home for Shrimp and Prawn Farmers

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Phytoplankton in Aquaculture Ponds: Friend or Foe?

Phytoplankton can be a dilemma in aquaculture. Properly managed populations can be very beneficial (“friend”) to aquaculture production systems, but ...
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Ways for Fish Farmers to Survive Covid-19

For fish farmers all around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic brings an era of changing demand, complex shipping restrictions, and ...
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*Artikel ini dibuat berdasarkan konten yang dipublikasikan oleh Nanang Ardianto melalui LinkedIn pada tautan ini https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nanang-ardianto-_na-nanyaaja-nanangardianto-activity-6656421956193259520-zCRj/ *  Sampling activities probably is one of those activities that shrimp farmers do a lot. In the whole ...
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The Importance of Regular Shrimp Sampling

* This article is made based on content published by Nanang Ardianto via LinkedIn on this link https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nanang-ardianto-_na-nanyaaja-nanangardianto-activity-6656421956193259520-zCRj/ * Sampling ...
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Global Sustainable Aquaculture Technology Landscape (May 2021)

The global sustainable aquaculture technology landscape groups various companies in sustainable aquaculture-related industries on a worldwide sphere based on the ...
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Indonesia Shrimp Farming: The Case for Change

The Indonesian shrimp industry is currently in a strong competitive position in the global market, but three market forces are ...
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